Pizza Factory

Football Game & Pizza Dinner

This Friday we have our 4th Home Football Game against Mountlake Terrace.

Please have your student to the band room by 3:30 for practice.

Pizza from Pizza Factory will be available for students to purchase again at this game.

Pizza is $2.00/slice

Students you may order: Cheese, Pepperoni, or Sausage.

You may order by filling out an order form, found in the band room, it must be turned into the envelope on Mr. Haags office by the end of second period on Wednesday.


Fill out the comment form here.  I will get your order.



Send me your order on Facebook.

The Pizza order will be placed Thursday morning.  If I don’t have your order you will not have pizza for dinner.  The band boosters have been operating on the honor system.  Unfortunately, at the last two home games we did not collect enough cash to cover the cost of the Pizza.  If you know you owe money for Pizza please get that paid this Friday.


Pillage and Plunder Game Tomorrow Night!!!!

The Band will have the opportunity to enjoy a meal with the North Kitsap High School Band.  As is the band tradition the North Kitsap Band Boosters, home team, will offer a Pizza and Salad dinner to all band members from both high schools.  The cost is $5.00.  Pay at the door.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to enjoy a meal with their friends and neighbors that attend North Kitsap High School.  I know that all students will observe their best sportsman like manners.

Go Bucs!

10.2.14 Announcements!

Lots of Buccaneer Band Excitement!

Homecoming Parade on Thursday

We meet at 315pm for practice after school.  Friday there WILL NOT be Jazz Band. Remember to pack a sack dinner for tomorrow (Thursday) night. Pizza order slips have to be turned in by tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon before the parade for Friday night’s football game.

WHERE: Kingston, WA (Village Green Park – Kingston Waterfront)

 UNIFORM: Pep Band Uniform (Black Buc Band shirt/blue jeans/tennis shoes).   

EQUIPMENT: Parade marching instruments and equipment / Music / Change of clothes / Warm jacket or hoodie / SNACKS/WATER BOTTLES & SACK DINNER / $ for food opportunities at waterfront.


 SATURDAY      3:15 PM Band Room open

                            3:30 PM Rehearsal on baseball field (probable)

                            5 PM Formation/Departure

                            530 PM Arrive Village Green Park

                            6 PM Parade

                            7 +/- PM parade finish @ Kingston Waterfront & parent pick up                   


Mr. Haag

Homecoming Football Game on Friday

Practice after school.  Pizza Dinner, please pre-order before Friday.  Remember $2.00/slice.

Leavenworth, September 27

Husky Band Day!, September 20

Check out these Videos!

BY North Kitsap School District


Twenty-Five Washington High School bands were invited to participate in the Annual Husky Band Day half time show at Husky Stadium. The KHS Buccaneer Band participated with 2,000 musicians. You can watch the performance on the UW Husky Marching Band You Tube page: Go Bucs!


Published on Sep 21, 2014

The Husky Marching Band performs with 2000 area high school band members from 25 high schools for the 62nd Annual Husky Band Day!

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Facebook: http://www.fac

9.25.14 Very Important Announcements for Friday & Saturday

Uniform Information, Football Game & Leavenworth details.

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Uniforms and Concert Attire – This is Important!

We have had a whirlwind fall!  The band sounds great, now we need to send out a couple reminders so they look great too!  Also we have American Rose Bridal coming in tomorrow to fit the new freshman and new incoming band students for Concert attire on Friday, September 26th.  Yep that is tomorrow.  
Reminder 1.  When the band is wearing their uniforms, students need to:
1.  Bring and wear their band shoes.  (new bags are on the way, so soon they can be stored in uniform room)
2.  Wear white socks that cover the ankles.  This prevents from seeing any color or skin if the spats or pants lift up… so all you see is white.
3.  Girls and boys with long hair should have their hair up under the shako/hat.  Shako’s can be taken off during non performing times, but during football games, All the rest of pieces of uniforms should stay on.
4.  Students should be wearing black band T-shirts under their uniforms that were given to them at band camp.  New students were given a tshirt at their uniform fitting so everyone should have one.  If you have lost the tshirt, Contact Cari Trussell and we can give you a new one for $5.00.
5.  No fingernail polish for performances.  No visible piercings on nose eyebrow, etc.  Earrings may be worn if small studs in ears.
Reminder 2. No Eating in your uniform!!!!!   When traveling, like to Auburn.  Band members may eat with the bibs/pants on, but no eating with the coat on.  Thank you.  Dry cleaning is expensive. 
Concert Attire Update
American Rose Bridal will be at the school to fit all band and choir members on Friday, September 26th during their music periods.  If they are a new or incoming student they will be fitted for a concert Dress (girls) Tuxes (boys)
We still don’t have a true cost yet.  This is due to the amount of savings that the vender will receive based on how many items are ordered.  The more ordered the better the discount which will be passed on to us.
The estimated rough cost will be:
Concert Dress  $100.00
includes hemming
Concert Tux $125.00
includes pants, jacket, shirt, cummerbunds, bow ties 
The actual cost will be charged to their ASB Account.  Students can make payments to this at the student store.
Any returning students that need pieces of the concert uniform can check to see if we have any pieces to check out or new items can be ordered.  If new items are ordered, student will be billed for those items on their ASB Accounts.
New Students joining after Band Camp   
For those students who joined the band after band camp, I have sent invoices home for the shoes, spats and gloves that are required part of the uniform.  Shoes are $35.00, Spats are $10.00 each and gloves are $2.50 each.  For a total of $60.00.
Checks for these items can be made out to KHSBB (Kingston High School Band Boosters) and can be mailed to the band PO Box at:
P.O. Box 1054
Kingston, WA  98346
I think I have touched on everything.  If you have any questions regarding the regular uniforms or the concert uniforms, please feel free to email me at or contact me on my cell at 360-440-3986.
Go Bucs!
Cari Trussell
Uniform Coordinator
KHS Band Boosters.

Football Game Details

Just an update on this coming weekend. We will be in the black band shirts and jeans (tennis shoes) for Friday night’s football game. That way we can pack up our uniforms and put them in the traveling boxes during class Friday. That eliminates the uniforms getting dirty or wet before Saturday. It also saves us time after we perform Friday night and early Saturday morning making sure uniforms are squared away.
If it rains we can put on the KHS Band rain coats that night.
We will be leaving the game right after halftime. The band will be excused to quickly head home and get some rest before Saturday. Of course students are welcome to stay but will be expected to show up on time the next morning.

Saturday – Leavenworth

A reminder that the band room will be open at 0500 Saturday morning. We leave at 0545 to catch the 0625 Kingston/Edmonds ferry. Students will be allowed to travel in comfortable clothes in the morning and change into their uniforms once we arrive in Leavenworth. Students will change back into acceptable (per NKSD &KHS dress code policy) clothes for free time. Students will need to pack a sack lunch to eat before we march. They have also been told to bring cash for dinner and any collectables they want to get in Leavenworth. They are welcome to bring additional food/snacks and a pillow to catch some sleep Saturday morning as we head out. Attached is the job sheet schedule for the day if you have misplaced your first one.
That’s all for now. Any questions feel free to contact me.
Take care,


2014- Husky Band Day

9.22.14 Announcements

Busy Week:

Tues 23rd Jazz Band starts – 7:00am. Students need to sign up with their floor office counselors.

Tues 23rd Band Practice 6-8 (leadership at 5:30)

Wed 24th Band Practice 6-8pm (leadership at 5:30)

Friday 26 FB Game #2 North Mason Practice after School with Pizza $2.00/slice – make sure your student gets there order in by Thursday.

Saturday 27 –Leavenworth Autumn Leaf Parade (details to come)


Announcements – September 19, 2014


Tomorrow morning the doors open at 7:00, the band members are to be in uniform for formation by 7:45am.  They must bring food for lunch and cash or food for dinner.  The band is expected to return to KHS by 8:30-9:00


Students place your pizza order for the Football Game by September 25.

Lisa Ryder has stepped down from the Band Booster Board President position. Lisa will continue  to maintain the website and insure that the band gets dinner at the football games.


Announcements from the Board Meeting

Hello Everyone;

CHANGE:  The school has changed the date for the Open House from September 17 to September 18!

NEXT MEETING: Fund-Raising meeting – September 16 at 6:00

Last Night was the first Band Booster Board Meeting.  We had a good time, including a touch of chocolate.  If you were not there we missed you.   The minutes will be posted on the website under the Parents tab.

Every adult that volunteers should have a membership form on file, please, these will be on the website under Parents tab – soon.  Also if you are thinking of chaperoning you are required  to be approved by the school district.

The proposed spring trip for this year is to Montana, Memorial Day weekend.  The cost of the trip will be $400 – $500, details are still to be determined.  The Boosters would like to offer enough Fund-Raising opportunities for every student to fully pay their way if they would like to.  Fund-raising takes your support (parents) – please attend a Fund-Raising meeting at 6:00 on Tuesday September 16.


Booster Meeting This Week

The Band looked really good at Friday Nights Football Game – we are off to a terrific start!

We have a Booster Meeting this Wednesday.  7:00 to 7:30 Executive Meeting and 7:30 to 8:30 Booster Meeting – In the Band Room.

Please come to the meeting. We will have some yummy treats. If you have not yet filled out a booster membership form please do so at the meeting.

Check out this link for the Fall Marching Band Calendar – this is version #2.

Band Calendar Pg 1

Band Calendar Pg2

School has started and a new band year is here.


Hello Band Parents and Students:

I hope you will find coming to this Web Site useful and informative.  There is not very much information here yet but it will have more information added to it frequently.

We perform at the game this Friday with practice at 3pm; pizza dinner at 430 pm and game/uniform prep after that. A revised fall schedule will be sent out with all practices and performances soon.

Game Night Dinners will average less that $5.00 and students will be required to pre-order their food choice.  This weeks dinner is from Pizza Factory in Kingston.  Order forms are placed in an envelope on the Band Office Door.

For Now,

2014 schedule1


Kingston High School Band Boosters


Letterhead Logo

The Kingston High School Band Boosters are here to enhance and financially support the Band Programs at Kingston High School. Kingston High School Band Boosters (KHSBB) is a 501c3 non-profit organization staffed by volunteers.

Our bylaws state, that membership commences on the first day of school and ends on Labor Day the following year.  There are no annual dues.  Each member must complete and sign a membership form indicating his/her desire to belong to the organization and agreeing to the stated purpose of the group.  With that said once you register as a booster member there are many opportunities to volunteer..

The KHSBB is guided by a Board of Directors made up of officers and members at large. The Board meetings are open to all, and we encourage you to attend, although only Board members can vote on Board decisions. Any booster who has an item that he or she would like to present to the Board should contact the booster president or, contact a Board member who will then bring that item before the Board.

KHSBB meetings are the Second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 at KHS, in the band room. Please try to set aside this evening each month to be an active part of the group. Please arrive 10 minutes early the meetings will start promptly at 7:00 and end at 8:30pm. At the meeting, you receive information from the Board and the directors, hear committee reports, receive financial updates, and have an opportunity to take an active part in band activities. If you can’t attend a meeting, please check our website for current events and activities. When volunteers are needed, the related information is posted on the website. (Under Construction)

Sometimes new parents think that the KHSBB’s work is mostly being accomplished by someone else. Please know that we need every parents help throughout the year.

The KHSBB is vital to the operation of the band program. The program’s success and growth depends on parental commitment, time, and resources. Our director is a dedicated, talented, hard-working teacher and mentor. But he needs our help and support, as do our young musicians.

Everyone is welcome, so come out and participate whenever possible. Even if your time is limited (whose isn’t?), there are numerous ways in which you can make the band program even better! Your talents and abilities are needed. Please get involved. Together we can make it happen! And you’ll get to know your child’s friends and the parents of your child’s friends while you support a super activity for your child.


Lisa Ryder, Kingston High School Band Booster President


"Keeping the Kingston High School Buccaneer Band – Playing for You"


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