Board Officers for 2017-2018

KHSBB Officers for the 2017-2018 school year were elected at the KHS Band Boosters Meeting June 7, 2017.

They are as follows:

PRESIDENT | Dawn Galbiati

VP-UNIFORMS | Katrina Diller, Theresa Holland-Schmid

VP-MEMBERSHIP | Karmenn Hanson


SECRETARY | Audranne Mixon

EASY Fundraiser | ESCRIP

  1. Go to:
  2. Sign up: Fill out the requested information. If you choose to, credit and debit card numbers can be put in so that they can be “tracked” and percentages of the expenditures will be sent to the organization of your choosing.  If  you opt to not use that function, you can still use the online mall. The card tracking works a lot like your miles or cash back on your cards.
  3. Search for Kingston High School Band Boosters. If it isn’t showing up, search by zip code (98346).  You can sign up for up to three recipients. The money  you earn will be split among those three. If you choose only one, it all goes to the one recipient.
  4. You now have an account
  5. SPEND AWAY and watch money come in for the band!
  6. Feel free to share with friends and family… Every penny counts!

Using the online mall is pretty easy.  Just check around the website and you can see what all is available.  Anything you spend on here or on cards you log into their system helps our band to make money.

Kingston High School Band Boosters

The Kingston High School Band Boosters are here to enhance and financially support the Band Programs at Kingston High School. Kingston High School Band Boosters (KHSBB) is a 501c3 non-profit organization staffed by volunteers.

Our bylaws state that membership commences on the first day of school and ends on Labor Day the following year.  There are no annual dues.  Each member must complete and sign a membership form indicating his/her desire to belong to the organization and agreeing to the stated purpose of the group.  With that said once you register as a booster member there are many opportunities to volunteer.

The KHSBB is guided by a Board of Directors made up of officers and members at large. The Board meetings are open to all, and we encourage you to attend, although only Board members can vote on Board decisions. Any booster who has an item that he or she would like to present to the Board should contact the booster president or contact a Board member who will then bring that item before the Board.

KHSBB meetings are the Second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 at KHS, in the band room. Please try to set aside this evening each month to be an active part of the group. Please arrive 10 minutes early the meetings will start promptly at 7:00 and end at 8:30pm. At the meeting, you receive information from the Board and the directors, hear committee reports, receive financial updates, and have an opportunity to take an active part in band activities. If you can’t attend a meeting, please check our website for current events and activities. When volunteers are needed, the related information is posted on the website. (Under Construction)

Sometimes new parents think that the KHSBB’s work is mostly being accomplished by someone else. Please know that we need every parents help throughout the year.

The KHSBB is vital to the operation of the band program. The program’s success and growth depends on parental commitment, time, and resources. Our director is a dedicated, talented, hard-working teacher and mentor. But he needs our help and support, as do our young musicians.

Everyone is welcome, so come out and participate whenever possible. Even if your time is limited (whose isn’t?), there are numerous ways in which you can make the band program even better! Your talents and abilities are needed. Please get involved. Together we can make it happen! And you’ll get to know your child’s friends and the parents of your child’s friends while you support a super activity for your child.


Marsha Rova
2015/2016 Kingston High School Band Booster President