EASY Fundraiser | ESCRIP

  1. Go to: www.escrip.com
  2. Sign up: Fill out the requested information. If you choose to, credit and debit card numbers can be put in so that they can be “tracked” and percentages of the expenditures will be sent to the organization of your choosing.  If  you opt to not use that function, you can still use the online mall. The card tracking works a lot like your miles or cash back on your cards.
  3. Search for Kingston High School Band Boosters. If it isn’t showing up, search by zip code (98346).  You can sign up for up to three recipients. The money  you earn will be split among those three. If you choose only one, it all goes to the one recipient.
  4. You now have an account
  5. SPEND AWAY and watch money come in for the band!
  6. Feel free to share with friends and family… Every penny counts!

Using the online mall is pretty easy.  Just check around the website and you can see what all is available.  Anything you spend on here or on cards you log into their system helps our band to make money.